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Hair accessories

You can’t just get it done and not take care of it. Treat your hair the way it should be and protect it with our hair accessories. We have the most major brands, from Jinny Beauty Supply to Dyeties, and plenty more in between.

Brushes and more

Our accessories go far beyond brushes. You can also get ponytail holders and many other accessories at Heavenly Hair Beauty Supply LLC. Don’t forget about the little one either as we carry an extensive line of child hair accessories too.

If its beauty accessories you want, you’ve come to the right place. Our wide variety is sure to impress. If we don't have it, we'll go out and get it!


Hair accessories

Get started on the next step to your beautiful evolution now!


Other Accessories

Check out our amazing jewelry selection, and don’t forget to look at our colored contact lenses. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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Full Line of Products Offered:





-Beautiful Textures

-B & C Skin Tight


-Black Magic

-Black Opal


-Brittny Professional


-Clear Fast


-Coco Care

-Crème of Nature

-Curl Max



-Doo Gro

-Dr. Miracles

-Elasta QP




-III Sisters of Nature


-Jamaican Mango & Lime


-Mane N’ Tail


-Lustrasilk Moisture Max

-Next Image




-Africa’s Best

-African Pride

-Lava Tech



-Luster’s Pink Brand


-Empress Re-Gro

-Queen Helene

-Sunny Isle

-Super Nail

-T-Tree by Parnevu

-Taliah Waajid

-Texture my way

-Ultra Sheen


Dye ties